East West Electronics, Inc. was founded by Industry veterans with over fifteen years of experience in serving OEMs, CEMs and Distributors in the electronics marketplace on a global scale. The company was created with three Principle Beliefs in mind: Quality Products-Delivered on Time, Outstanding Customer Service and a Committment to excellence in our field.    

QUALITY PRODUCTS-DELIVERED ON TIME: In a fast paced procurement environment, our clients demand Quality product, delivered on time. We have met these demands.

Quality Control: Every Shipment arriving or exiting East West Electronics, Inc's warehousing facilities are carefully inspected by our experienced Quality Control Teams for part integrity and proper packaging to ensure safe delivery to your dock. If the parts don't meet our stringent Quality Control guidelines, we will not ship them to you.


Global Procurement Network:   East West Electronics, Inc. has established and On-line, Real-Time Global Procurement Network of Qualified Vendors, Distributors, OEM Excess Partners and Direct Relationships. Our product channels are long term relationships, creating a fudamentally sound Product Supply Base that enables us to find the parts you need, when you need them. 

On Time Delivery: Warehousing facilities in both the United States and Hong Kong facilitate the expedient Delivery of your products. Efficient Delivery with Automatic Shipment Notification ensures our clients of the service they require in maintaining their production line continuity.  

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE: East West Electronics, Inc.  strives to make your experience(from your first phone call through the delivery of your parts) an enjoyable, easy process from start to finish. You are assured of being able to contact a live salesperson at all times, being quoted only products that can be delivered as specified, Automatic Shipment Notification and follow up calls confirming your receipt of the product.  

COMMITTMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN OUR FIELD: Quality Products-Delivered on Time via our Global Procurement Network, combined with Outstanding customer Service, enables East West Electronics, Inc. to achieve the Level of Excellence in our Field that we demand of ourselves. 


Mark Hsu: Director of Purchasing

Jake Sullivan: Director of Sales

John Sullivan: Senior Credit Analyst

Linda Huang: Pacific Rim Sales and Purchasing

Dedicated Sales, Purchasing, Quality Control, Shipping and Warehousing teams. 

East West Electronics, Inc.
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